What Catholic elementary schools are in the Pittsburgh-East region?

There are ten prek-8 schools and one early childhood center:

  • Bede School, Point Breeze
  • Divine Mercy Academy, Monroeville
  • East Catholic School, Braddock/Swissvale/Forest Hills
  • John the Baptist Catholic School, Plum
  • Joseph Catholic School, Verona
  • Maria Goretti Catholic School, Bloomfield/Garfield/Friendship
  • Mary of Nazareth Catholic School, White Oak
  • Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Elementary School, Natrona Heights
  • Raphael Early Childhood Center, Morningside
  • Sacred Heart Elementary School, Shadyside
  • St. Therese School, Munhall

As a supporter of Catholic education, what can I do personally to help strengthen our schools?

Continue to promote the value of Catholic schools in your daily conversations. Share the fact that we set and meet high standards for student achievement. Dedicated teachers integrate faith into every subject and help develop each young person’s unique, God-given gifts, and encourage them to give back to their communities.

For more information, contact regional administrator Mr. Joseph Rosi at rosij@perces.org

How do I afford Catholic Education?

Our schools are open to all students; regardless of family income. Many financial assistance programs are available. Please click HERE for more information on scholarships and grants.

What is the PERCES STREAM Education Initiative?

It is a regional investment to support the future of Catholic education and will be implemented throughout our elementary schools over the next few years.

Is STREAM anything like STEM?

STREAM is an expansion of STEM. It is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math. As Catholic schools, our mission is to educate the whole child; therefore, we have taken the principles of STEM, infused religion across all subjects and added the arts to provide students the creative thinking skills necessary to communicate and advance STEM in the real world.

STREAM is not a new curriculum, but a framework for creative instruction. STREAM uses technology to advance the student academic experience. Not only will children continue to use traditional text, but will also use white boards, iPads and laptops to access the internet to explore, process and learn.


While students from Catholic schools consistently outperform their peers in public schools, we are raising the bar to keep our competitive edge. Across the US, business leaders are having difficulty finding enough talent to stay competitive. Our children need to be able to inquire, think, investigate and innovate to succeed. STREAM will help prepare our students for successful careers in a 21st century workforce.

How does STREAM work with the Common Core?

The Common Core provides a set of benchmarks and skills that students need to attain at given grade level. How that is done is through curriculum – that is what really happens in the classroom. In a Catholic school, our curriculum is of our making, unlike public schools, we control the curriculum. It is rigorous, measurable and above all Catholic. STREAM is the process by which the information is taught in the classroom.

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