Family Letter for March 22

March 22, 2020

Dear Catholic School Families,

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, I want you to know that the teachers, principals, regional administrators, and the Diocesan Schools Office staff are holding you vigilantly in our prayers. Clearly, our new normal is anything but normal. On Monday, March 23, we will begin a new journey together. Our schools will officially begin our online learning experiences for our Catholic school students. Our faculty and administrators have worked hard to prepare for this rollout seeking to keep our students engaged and challenged in the days ahead.

Our commitment is strong and our strategies are focused on our mission. While we have a unique mission statement for every school, the pervasive message is this: The mission of Catholic education is to inspire our students through spiritual and academic instruction to know, love, and serve God as they live their lives in service to others. These inspired lives seek to carry forth the Word of God to all the souls of the world.

With our mission in mind, we have established the following goals for Catholic distance learning: Catholic Identity, Connection, Content/Curriculum, and Community.

We will strive to:

  • Continue to develop, strengthen and nourish Catholic Identity
  • Maintain personal connections
  • Deliver meaningful Content that adheres to Diocesan Curriculum standards
  • Maintain our school Community virtually (online)

The COVID-19 closures are unprecedented in our history and our days surely look very different. It is our hope that we will relieve some of the stress that children may feel by providing a program that is inspired by faith, establishes a daily routine and engages them with their teachers. Please know that we will work with you collaboratively through this implementation and will request frequent feedback so we are able to continually improve your child’s experience.

I am incredibly impressed by the efforts of our principals and particularly our teachers who are so committed to serving every student. I am also aware of what this means to our families. Your lives have been turned upside down, and your days are filled with challenge, frustration, and a sense of loss for the normalcy we once had. While it is a time for families to pull together, it is also a time of uncertainty with emotions running high. Please know that our goal is to work with you not against you. Your feedback will be welcome and it will be utilized to adjust our programs. Communication with your teachers and principals is critical.

As we move forward, please continue to check school and diocesan websites. I will post short updates and resources that may help as this situation continues. I also welcome you to follow me on Twitter, Michelle Peduto @CathSchoolsPgh. You may email me directly from the Diocese of Pittsburgh website

As always, we remember that God is with us and for us. Please keep our educators in your prayers as we shall keep you in ours. Let us move forward together in faith, hope, and prayer.

God bless,


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