Family Letter for March 31

March 31, 2020

Dear Catholic School Families,

I write to you today with the news that Governor Wolfe has announced that all schools are to remain closed until further notice. As we watch events unfold throughout our community, our nation and the world, we realize the scope of the battle we are waging against COVID-19. A virus we had little knowledge of just 3 months ago. Now we must temporarily live very different lives in the shadow of it.

A significant impact is seen through the eyes our children – the loss of the school day as they knew it just three weeks ago. Distance learning experiences look different from sitting in class with friends, working in the science lab on projects, or playing on the playground at recess. How we miss those days! But as we confront our current situation, our teachers and administrators are working diligently to provide learning experiences, social interactions, and even science experiments in innovative and interesting ways. Our goal remains unchanged as we continue to work together to teach our students with instructional strategies designed to focus each child’s days, not only on learning, but on what faith, hope, and love mean in times of uncertainty.

Please know that while our teachers continue to work to keep your children engaged in learning, we are looking for your feedback to insure this experience does not add stress to your home. During these challenging times, my prayers are with all those suffering the direct and indirect effects of this virus.

Critical information will continue to come to you through email, but you can also find weekly and daily updates from me in the following places:

Let us hold one another in prayer as we work together for the greatest of God’s gifts – our children.

God bless,

Michelle Peduto

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