The funding of our elementary schools is comprised of tuition, parish financial support and fund raising. All three are at risk with the impact of COVID-19.

  • There may be the inability of some families facing layoffs or other financial challenges to pay tuition.
  • It is through weekly offertory that parishes are, in turn, able to support our elementary schools. Without weekly masses, collections have been substantially diminished.
  • Finally, most all spring fund raising events – galas, bingos, purse bashes, candy sales, etc. cannot take place and have been cancelled. The impact on our schools is significant.

Our dedicated principals, teachers and staff continue to work diligently and in collaboration with our diocesan Director of Catholic Schools and our regional administrators to deliver a quality Catholic education and continue to create loving, faith-filled communities, albeit remotely, keeping our children engaged and challenged. They are doing an amazing job. We are taking steps to reduce non-essential expenses, but must do all we can to assure the financially viability of our schools.

We know that a Catholic education is a transformative education, one that helps students grow in mind, heart, and spirit. A Catholic education is a lasting gift that provides our children a strong foundation for a lifetime of service to God, to the Church and to community.

We ask that you to prayerfully consider investing in the future of a student through a gift to our Catholic schools. As we witness, each day in the success stories of our schools and students, the return on such an investment has no limits.

All charitable contributions to support our parishes and schools are great blessings and may be made in the following ways:

  • Contributions to your parish through on-line giving or mailing a check directly to the parish. Your donation will help to assure your parish can continue to support its ministries- including the education of our children- the future leaders of our Church!
  • Donations can be made directly to support a specific school, support schools within a region or to the diocese directed to support Catholic education where funds are most needed. Go to the schools page on our diocesan website to find out more about how you can support our Catholic schools through on-line options or by mail.

We are one family of faith. When one part of our family suffers, we come together to help alleviate the pain of another. Please support our schools and parishes who are experiencing the effects of COVID-19. Together we can rise up and make a difference in our parish and school communities!

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